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Showing films has long been a tradition in the UK. It started way back in the days of silent movies. Today, cinemas across the land enjoy showing the public their latest films as well as the golden oldies. As well as the chains, there are many privately owned cinemas such as those you find in Gloucester today, providing state-of-the-art entertainment. Even village cinemas provide thousands of people with enjoyable films.

Since their inception, cinemas have not only expanded in “western” societies, but they have spread throughout the world. They even provide exciting viewing for remote tribes, when mobile cinemas visit their villages. There was a documented case of a Maasai warrior throwing his spear through the screen when the “baddie” appeared after a particular incident of naughtiness!

Traditional cinemas like that in the Kingsholm area of Gloucester, are now boasting quality ambience through comfortable seating, digital cinema projection and surround sound. Such cinemas are dedicated to providing more impressive viewings through digital films that cannot degrade over time, even after being played hundreds of times. This allows them to screen past and present films, and varied content such as concerts and documentaries.

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The cinema is only a short walk from London Road or Kingsholm Road.
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